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Vol. I. ~ No. 4

The Future with Arts !

Hey ! Shout Out to all who think ARTS can play a positive role in Social progress, Education, Economic Development, and much more FUTURISTICALLY! (a term I first heard on "American Standards by the Sea" radio.)

I've been remiss in blogging and do apologize. As a relatively "new" website there are many facets to consider. Our "newsletter" subscriber list last year created a hurdle to overcome. We hope to continue LOVE ARTS ON-The-Road with a more consistent service in the near future.

Meanwhile , I encourage all patrons and artisans to get On Board and sign-on as a Charter Arts member/contributor and make your appearance. Now is YOUR TIME to start a Forum, Blog, create a profile, enter Free Ads and express your voice on various Arts subjects you deem important. Now IS THE TIME because your presence will be prominent AND STAND OUT! We are still in the "grass roots" stage and so limited enrollment means GREATER EXPOSURE. We won't forget our early CHARTER ARTS MEMBERS! As with any website or business venture when membership enrollment grows immensely folks / artists / members can become just another number and tree in the forest.

Another key in contemporary marketing is "CROSS-PROMOTION". It's important to take opportunities to refer or direct viewers to your profile, etc. at the LoveArts website. Eventually this will have a snowball effect and exposure levels will soar like an eagle!

Last but certainly not least in this blogsville chapter is "EDIFICATION"! This may sound more like a lesson in "Salesmanship", however, "edification" ALWAYS is a good note to play! That means "POSITIVE" statements are more likely to produce "POSITIVE RESULTS".
Negative statements are basically negative advertising and generally nothing constructive ever comes out of that position.

I'll be away from my desk for a few weeks and hope to enjoy some Sunshine! Keep in touch will you? Sign on Now and get on the band wagon. Have a great day ! Until next time... Good Health !

Let me leave you with a quote ~ "Employ thy time well if thou meanest to gain leisure time."