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Vol. I. ~ No. 4

James... ( A Gallery Waiting To Happen)

Yesterday I purchased 3 wonderful “Original” James, works of Art. I also purchased 3 smaller wonderful prints. The 3 originals I purchased were “Blue Moon Tango” ( I know James hated to part with this wonderful painting, but I talked him out of it and I will definitely cherish it) it is absolutely Gorgeous with so much love and depth. The next purchase was “Cookin’ With the Cats”, this is the one I originally went there to purchase… being the cat lover I am, then the jazzy musical instruments all in Blue… to me it did not get much better than that, or so I thought. Those cats are SO alive! My final “original“ purchase was “Wilamina ( Violin Virtuoso)” this one was straight off the easel and what a beauty she is! This gorgeous painting takes my breath away every time I look at it! She is absolutely one of the most amazing paintings I have ever seen. I am so anxious to display these beautiful works of Art on my walls!
NO photograph does any of James’ work justice. He spent all afternoon showing me his outstanding Art collection and I am sure I only seen a fraction of it. What a talented creative Artist he is. He covers all genres, covers the history of Art, Theater. Music… All of his paintings reach down and touch the soul of what is on his canvas and brings them to life. His brush strokes bring out pure, raw emotion to the painting and to the viewer alike. I feel extremely honored that he shared these wonderful works with me and his many visions. I believe the world should see James’ magnificent Artwork in person in a Gallery. James your wonderful talent needs to be shared with everyone. Your time is “now”! Thank You so very much for allowing me a brief look into your soul through your Artistry.