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Vol. I. ~ No. 4

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I've been involved and created and produced many FIRST time out special events and Festivals. Let me tell you it is very very hard work and you had better have a variety of skills!

I have joined the effort to help make the First NASHVILLE JAZZ FESTIVAL 2012 a success because after reviewing the information and speaking with the Creator and Executive Producer Mr. Westley Kershaw ~ I think he has a winning project! I love it! He's The MAN who know's "DETAILS COUNT BIG"!

It will be a WIN-WIN situation for everyone involved.. The Sponsors will receive tremendous benefits and exposure, several Non-Profit organizations in Nashville will receive some much needed funds from special concerts, The City and State and local businesses will make out fine too! Demographics of Jazz Music followers are very impressive. College educated, disposable income, purchasers of upscale brand products and much more.

The tentative Jazz greats for this landmark event are lining up and things seem to be falling into place. SPONSORSHIPS though make the world go around ! Early Sponsor commitments will receive a higher level Sponsorship and exposure level at the time of this ARTS-On-The-Road article. Stay tuned for additional news and sneak previews here on The Festival ! JAZZ UP and CELEBRATE LIFE! Peace too/ James