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Vol. I. ~ No. 4

Economic Development through Arts

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. (Tale of two Cities)

Not the best of times to suggest greater economic development through arts ~ because investors and patrons seem Missing In Action! Yet some entrepreneurs are going forth. Developer and Preservationist Tony Goldman developed many a buildings in New York's downtown and SoHo areas creating an Arts Friendly district. He then was instrumental in developing South Miami Beach which is now much the "Art Deco" capital of the world. He has another district in Miami he is now developing called WYNWOOD. ( which is looking like another success. I encourage others with resources to follow his lead!

The enonomy here and around the world may be headed for a tailspin, but we must remain optimistic. You know the old saying, "It takes money to make money!" and you know that's true. The handwriting was on the wall for decades not just the last few years. A primary root for profit has always been based on the appreciation (inflated inflation) of property and products. Remember "The Economic Spiral" taught at University? It's all tied together.

Now all the sudden with the whim of rookie freshmen Congressmen, who aren't educated in these economic matters, we may be headed for catastrophic times! I am sure though some good things will come out of this mess. The legendary entrepreneur J.P. Morgan once loaned (bailed out) the U.S. Government in a dire time of need. Where's the great hotshot American financer's today? Someone else suggested "Wall Street" loan the Government the funds to pay it's bills! That'd be nice but I'd say "fat chance"of that happening. The problems are too great!

The problems are immense and complex. Someone if not Government has to invest in America to create jobs, fortify infrastructure, develope new products and markets and BE EFFICIENT in doing so. Some individuals are going forward in developing exciting new projects, but generally Wall Street and the big boy Corporate giants aren't moving fast enough. Yet Luxury car, yacht, exotic property sales are up. This is also the best of times for the rich because they can pick up "investment" properties for a song and dance. The income divide between middle class-poor and the very wealthy is widening. How bad will all this get? That's anyone's guess. No MiddleClass equals No United States as we know it. Great Cuts in American Government spending is not a positive move at this time. Being more efficient would be. When the previous administration's WARS were promoted I knew this was a bad decision.Only a handful of American businesses ever profit by these "patriotic" acts. Those acts are a great part of our current economic woes, but I'm not going there...because there's much, much more.

There's a large number of citizens in the USA who basically inherited their great wealth. I wonder what their parents or grandparents or great ancestors would do to help America? Didn't they take a gamble to get their businesses started? I'd say most of them did. Today they too ask for Federal, State or local money to help finance their projects!

I have a file on "economic development through arts" concepts that I'd like to share.. but since Investors and Entrepreneurs and even representatives of the Government are missing in action or is it "inaction", I can't see putting them out there. The bottomline is still it takes money to make money in most cases. There is no one magic pill to cure the ongoing problems we face in these times. It will take 100s and 1000s of small projects and other larger scale ventures to get things going on the right track(s). I stand by that "Arts and Arts related projects" are a good investment in communities around America.

I appeal to those who have some resources and cards to play to "Get on the Band wagon" and take some risks! America in part was built on risk taking gambles ~ that's real "History", folks!