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Virtually thousands and thousands of old buildings across America are endangered of losing their "Historical" status. A recent article mentioned the old home of the creator of "Ivory Soap" in the Cincinnati area was endangered. The article also mentioned 4,000 buildings in the area may lose the status. Let me be clear ~ I am for the Preservation of Historic Sites, but also realize that it's important to scrutinize all pros and cons of each situation.

Not all old structures should be "saved" in these times of economic hardships. Some of these "projects" to save historical buildings are headed by affluent groups of folks who don't want to increase tax rates on the richest 2% of Americans, are against Government spending to stimulate the economy, but at the the same time seek Government Funding (that is Our Tax Payers money) to pay for their special project that ultimately they intend upon maintaining control of. It's nothing new.

Don't get me wrong. I worked to Save the Bandshell in Central Park years ago and usually support the rennovations and preservation of grand old theaters which can be generate revenue. Now if an old building of "historic importance" would cost $3 million to rennovate ~ but a new modern building that could incorporate some of the same artistic characteristics could be built in the same location for $1 to $2 million... then which would be the pragmatic decision?

Too be honest this is a complex subject to discuss. I'd like to hear various points of view on "Historical Preservation" ~ the problems and prospects in towns across America.