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Thank you for becoming a Charter Arts PLAYER where new and exciting things are on the way!

(OPTIONAL) Additionally you may enjoy supporting the Love Arts Campaign with a little extra help? If you do you will be among an exclusive group of individuals, Institutions and Corporations whose inaugral subscriptions and most generous goodwill will enable us to pursue edutainment plans and goals at an excelerated pace. Here are the various levels of sponsorship should you decide to help:

Charter Arts Club

Heart Throbs $5 - 99
Star $100 - 249
Director $250 - 499
Producer $500 - 999
Mogul $1000 - or more

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Contributions or gifts to Charter Arts Enterprises are not tax-deductible except when in the realm of advertising, sponsorships or promotional services fees. Thank you kindly for your support! Contact the Charter Arts club. Email: