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Vol. I. ~ No. 4

Love Arts Campaign

The LOVE ARTS~CELEBRATE LIFE Campaign is a venture to promote "Greater Learning and Economic Development through Arts".

Betty GrableThe original concept began in 1991 when James moved to New York. He at first entitled the campaign "Project America" because he so passionately believed in "The American Dream". Comer has confidence that Arts promoted in edutainment form can present a perspective of American history and underscore the importance of other arts and sciences.

"creativity" is the common thread.

James' experience in producing-promoting "edutainment" styled events in Arizona has shown that his events inspire and encourage attendees to learn more. Making learning fun is a part of the picture!

James also underscores that "edutainment" is not a substitute for a formal education as may be taught in Institutes of Academia ~ but it may help to steer some youths to stay in school and to discover their life's work.

Remember the Love Arts goal to underscore the power of arts to enlighten, encourage and empower for societal good! Stay tuned to where new and exciting developments are on the way!

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