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Vol. I. ~ No. 4

I know I have been remiss in blogging on my LoveArts website. Marketing IS a numbers game and I don't have the exposure at this time to make an impact. Like I've heard if you can get say 500,000 people a month to check the blog out you can qualify for serious sponsors. // I'd like to here from folks about WHAT subjects interest you and what subjects would you like discussed?? This may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship you know? (stolen in part from CASABLANCA the movie!

The particular calf epidermis will be super elastic as well as the threadwork will be pristine. The particular Shimmy comes in wonderful shades famous brands taupe, fruit, pink, straw and also mud. You should not point out this kind of mulberry clutch will be wonderful together with awesome features hence is among the most must-have regarding sophisticated females. The particular Spring/Summer bag series freshly introduced coming from Mulberry would accept a whole new seem.

Hey ! Shout Out to all who think ARTS can play a positive role in Social progress, Education, Economic Development, and much more FUTURISTICALLY! (a term I first heard on "American Standards by the Sea" radio.)

I've been remiss in blogging and do apologize. As a relatively "new" website there are many facets to consider. Our "newsletter" subscriber list last year created a hurdle to overcome. We hope to continue LOVE ARTS ON-The-Road with a more consistent service in the near future.

Yesterday I purchased 3 wonderful “Original” James, works of Art. I also purchased 3 smaller wonderful prints. The 3 originals I purchased were “Blue Moon Tango” ( I know James hated to part with this wonderful painting, but I talked him out of it and I will definitely cherish it) it is absolutely Gorgeous with so much love and depth. The next purchase was “Cookin’ With the Cats”, this is the one I originally went there to purchase… being the cat lover I am, then the jazzy musical instruments all in Blue… to me it did not get much better than that, or so I thought. Those cats are SO alive!

Born in 1856 to 1950, George Bernard Shaw was a man of many talents. One of them was, not being afraid to stand up for the common man. Shaw was a gentle caring Humansist who believed in the freedom of 'challlenge to Change' & this was his mission in life to Challenge the Stuffy Victorian buerocracy through writing plays.

Details of the life of George Bernard Shaw.

Almost a year ago I had the fortune to become acquainted with the work of a remarkable artist James J. Comer! His work is extraordinary and not like the others! They have an amazing ability to make entry to the soul ... His images of these characters, there are people alive. They are dancing,they are happy , do meet the dawn, and everywhere, absolutely everywhere the atmosphere of the sun and joy, cloudless and deep boundless happiness! Thank you so much! I will continue with great pleasure to leave my comments on this magical site!

Today I was in a beautiful store. There I bought a statue of Michael Jackson!

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. (Tale of two Cities)

Not the best of times to suggest greater economic development through arts ~ because investors and patrons seem Missing In Action! Yet some entrepreneurs are going forth. Developer and Preservationist Tony Goldman developed many a buildings in New York's downtown and SoHo areas creating an Arts Friendly district. He then was instrumental in developing South Miami Beach which is now much the "Art Deco" capital of the world. He has another district in Miami he is now developing called WYNWOOD. ( which is looking like another success. I encourage others with resources to follow his lead!