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Vol. I. ~ No. 4

American Band Wagon


Art documents the history of man. It is the pure international language that can help bridge great cultural divides. Art is communications and embodies all that has progressed and all that may come to be.

It is our mission to establish the evergreen LOVE ARTS CAMPAIGN for greater learning and economic development through arts by way of venture philanthropy enterprise.

We intend to achieve this by creating new opportunities, exciting edutainment events and much more. James believes that AMERICAN BAND WAGON, will be embraced by many audiences when sponsors "Get On the Band Wagon" and give this tour a green light.

American Band Wagon would feature arts-mural designed transports sure to be a popular attraction and specially designed American pride tribute musical revues. Each ABW Revue will present an overview of social progress and slices of U.S. history as told through a songlist from America's own original music artforms. It's Arts, it's History and it is alive Entertainment!

James started development of the Love Arts Project in the early 1990's and welcomes individuals, organizations, Institutions and corporate sponsors to "Get On The Band Wagon"!

Individuals, Artists, Entertainers, Organizations and Corporations who may be interested in participating in this landmark American Band Wagon event are encouraged to email James ( with requests.

All sponsorships, promotional partnerships or other levels of participation are custom-tailored and subject to approval by the American Band Wagon executive committee.

Stay tuned to the LOVE ARTS Network where new and exciting developments are on the way... "Your dream must be greater than your fear!"

Love Arts ~ Celebrate Life!